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Box washing with the BOXER

The box washing machines of Mechatec are well thought-out and versatile. The base of this washingmachine is the rotationframe of the BOXER box rotating machine. The box washing machines are available in single and double full automatic and are easy to change to a box rotating of emptying machine.

The machines are easy and simple to operate through a watertight touchscreen. The sight when placing a box in the machine is very good as the machine can be adjusted very simple throug a hole adjustment in height. The clamping frame clamps the box and the interior and exterior of the box will be cleaned thoroughly under pressure of 20-25 bar while the box is rotating.
The advantage of rotating during cleaning is the residu falling in the recovery tray. By setting more rotations the exterior will be cleaned more intensive. When less water is available high pressure is used for cleaning. The usage of water will be 40-50 ltr/min at 60-50 bar. With a good high pressure cleaner or heater (killing bacteria) you can reach an excellent result.

The system of these washing machines is a system that can be simple adjusted to the amount of water available. We have also options available like a closed roof, front or a dirty water recovery tray. Also the machine can be used as a disinfecting machine.

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UitvoeringBOXER singleBOXER double BOXER box transport system
Heftruck voor maximale capaciteit221
Watergebruik(m3) 20-25 bar koud water middeldruk10 m3 p/u10-14 m3 p/u10-14 m3 p/u
Watergebruik(m3) 70-100 bar koud/warm water1.5 - 2.5 m3 p/u1,8 - 5.0 m3 p/u+-/ 5.0- m3 p/u
Aantal kisten per uur40-5080-100100-125
Stroomaansluiting (v) 400V 5.5 Kw 4400V 7.5 Kw400V 7.5 Kw
Ombouw tot draaier & leger/wasserYesYesYes
Te gebruiken als ontsmetmachineNoNoYes
Lengte x breedte x hoogte (m)2,27 x 2,10 x 3,044,70 x 2,10 x 3,046,95 x 2,30 x 2.80
Gewichten +/-980 kg2350 kg650/1250/650
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