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Welcome to the website of MECHATEC BOX handling systems.


Mechatec BV BOX Handling systems has become a leading company for Box handling systems.

As developper and procucer of the BOXER boxrotating machine, the BF 280 boxfiller, the Vario Fill Flowmaster box and Big Bag filler, the Boxmaster stacking system, the BT 1600 and KK 3000 box tipping machines we have developped a complete line for box handling machines.

Our machines are made for working of the stored products. Usual wooden boxes are used but our machines can also handle plastic boxes or tubs and wire crates.

The RR 800 roll cleaner and ER 800/1000 hedgehog belt are specially made for cleaning the product before storage.
Turnips can be cleaned as well by the RR 800 roll cleaner with a spraying system.

We are also active in purifying and disinfect waste water.
After several years of testing in the field the first system is operational.

In anticipation of requests from the market we have developped a closed system which meets the actual legislation.

The system cleans and disinfects the wastewater so it can be used in a closed recylce loop and therefor there will be no discharge.
By this development Mechatec is nominated for a special project.

‘Development, information and demonstration of boxcleaning’ 

by the de noordelijke waterschappen ,LTO , CLM in combination and cooperatin of FEDECOM.

Look at  http://www.toolboxwater.nl/kistenwassers for explanation and reaction to this issue.

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